Our Story

Good George came to life after a bunch of friends got together and decided after years in hospitality and brewing it was time to create their own craft beer brand. Their main motivation was they wanted to show people what great beer can be, convert drinkers from the norm and show them how to enjoy fantastic beer. 

Their belief was that beer can be so much better and more rewarding. It shouldn't be bland, full of chemicals, mass produced and boring. Nor should it be hard, pretentious or scary. Exploring and drinking beer should be enjoyable, simple and really rewarding. 

The brewery idea gathered momentum in 2011 when a site in the industrial heart of Frankton was discovered, that was the perfect mix of location, character and potential. The former St George’s Church was in need of much love and attention, however it provided an awesome space and backdrop for the creation of the brewery and dining hall. More importantly it helped give Good George its brand name - proving the adage that Good things come to those who wait! 

The brewery equipment is fully open to the bar and dining areas and showcased to the expansive garden bar through huge windows. The idea is to demystify the brewing process - to educate and share our love of beer to all who come to visit the bar & dining hall. Brewery tours are available at certain times of the week and the kitchen is open serving brunch, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. More than just a brewery, this is a complete hospitality and beer lover’s experience. 

Above all else the mission of the team at Good George is to bring beer & cider drinkers experiences worthy of their time and efforts. Good George will encourage them to explore the awesome new world of beer and cider, show them how best to enjoy it, and have a bloody good time in the process.