Meet our East Coast IPA

They seem to be all the rage now, New England IPA is the beer style of the future (and the past). Debuting at GABS last week, we’re now releasing our latest East Coast IPA to a bar and store near you.

East Coast IPA is a nice hazy juice bomb of a beer. The beer is unfiltered to maintain hop flavour, which also makes it hazy and opaque, and will mean sediment build up in the bottom of squealer bottles. This is totally normal, and you just need to gently roll the squealer bottle on its side to rouse and redistribute the sediment before drinking.

East Coast IPAs as a style (also known as New England IPA) originate from the East Coast of the USA hence the bottle/tap badge illustration (Statue of Liberty), and the distinct characteristics of that style - fruity, juicy, hazy, unfiltered beers. Twist, pour, and let your mind drift over the Atlantic to a post fourth-of-July haze, sunshine, backyards, and BBQs…


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