Cook St Social opens in Hamilton East

We've opened the doors on our latest Brew Bar and Taphouse, expanding the neighbourhood pub network and bucking trends that show a slow down in beer consumption.
Cook Street Social in Hamilton East is our latest venue for Good George, adding to our six neighbourhood pubs around the Waikato.
““The craft beer landscape has changed a lot since we began five years ago. It’s a real battle out there securing taps and shelf space against the big breweries, and we’ve seen plenty of stats showing beer consumption is tailing off at a national level.  But we know that our customers love a decent local – and building our own means we can keep growing how we want, and where we want,” said CEO Race Louden.
Cook Street Social opening follows the recent opening of Good George’s first new licensed hospitality venue – Good Local in Pye’s Pa, Tauranga.  Louden says the company is eyeing several new sites and cities for further expansion in 2018 and will also purchase a new 1500 sq metre warehousing and packaging space adjoining its current brewery premises in Frankton.
“Our expansion is entirely self-funded. We’re not super-beardy and uptight when it comes to craft, our beers are quality but drinkable, and I think that’s what the punters like about us,” he said.
He says Cook Street Social almost didn’t happen because the former owner of the Cook Café and Bar had an agreement with Lion that blocked the sale, which only expired this month.
“Being blocked from doing something like that just made us more determined to get there. We have always liked Ham East and the timing is now pretty good with a lot of other cool places set up there,” said Mr Louden.
 “One of the good things about having to wait is that we have been able to spend that time making sure Cook Street Social works for the location. Hamilton East has its own special character and we wanted the design to be unique to that building and area.”
A key feature of the new development is a new bar which encloses beer tanks that will dispense beer and cider delivered fresh from the brewery. The venue will have guest taps for specialty beers and Good George is using chefs from its recently opened Cambridge Good Union to develop a full restaurant menu.  


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