Moo & Brew

Moo & Brew, a simple combo that’s as good as it gets.

We realize there’s a need to pair our craft beer with food that’s equally considered, and produced with care and attention. There’s something natural about seeking a crafted dish to live up to your beer, and something even more natural about doing so with burgers.
That being said, for the month of August, bars and restaurants from Auckland to Rotorua have put their hat in the ring for another Good George Moo & Brew competition. The criteria this year, think outside the box.

Entries received have ranged from a gourmet take on the classic happy meal, right through to blurring the lines between dinner and dessert with a doughnut bun burger. All dishes have been carefully produced by chefs at venues that pour Hamilton’s own Good George, and parings are said to be “thought provoking” and “palette challenging”.

However with a creative criteria, come some creative entries. This year we’ve seen people thinking outside the “moo” box and incorporating chicken breast, pork belly, and venison patties in their creations. These days buns aren’t what they used to be either, with one inner city bar using a locally baked Volare croissant to house their burger. 

No one has thought more creatively than Hayes Common however, entering Moo & Brew’s first vegan burger, to the delight of animal-conscious Good George fans. “This year we are entering a vegan burger to really get creative and hit that gap in the market to allow vegans and vegetarians to get amongst some burger-y goodness!” says Head Chef Nick Keenan. The burger, aptly named Need in the Hayes-Stack uses a falafel-crumbed Portobello mushroom pattie, stuffed red pepper ‘ricotta’, charged courgett, and beetroot hummus.

If you seek, you will find a good beer and burger match this month. Follow the link below to find your nearest Moo & Brew venue, and sink your teeth into something different. 


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