Everyone needs a doris

We're excited to have launched our Doris Plum Cider in 330mL cans, wrapped in an awesome 6 pack wrap. Doris has been a staple part of the GG lineup for the last 5 years. Originally brewed as a base apple cider, with excess plum juice from the kitchen added into the tank, it was only available on tap every Thursday. Now it's our most popular cider, and we've made it even more available in a portable, snackable size. 

Like all good friends, our Doris Plum Cider means different things to different people. To some she’s the new kid on the block, a refreshing change from the same old-same old. To others she’s a nostalgic journey into the past – evoking memories of plum jam on toast and a quick slurp of tea before bursting out into the world.

To us at Good George, Doris represents a mixture of love, pride and passion. Created by happy accident in an early brewing experiment, she’s now an essential part of our lineup. Our customers loved her straight away and she began winning medals and awards almost immediately. So in a way she’s a child prodigy too.
If you thought Doris looked good in our oversize Squealer, wait until you see her in a can. Portable, snackable and fantastical, she’s the buddy you didn’t know you needed.


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