From Frankton to New York

We're set to take a bite out of the big apple, at the Octfest Beer Fest on Governors Island in New York City on September 8-9. The one-of-a-kind beer festival is an international celebration of beer, music and food and is set to draw thousands to the 172 acre island in the heart of New York Harbour.

Our Master Brewer Brian Watson is stoked. “It’s really great for us to be able to represent New Zealand, and New Zealand beer at this incredible festival. We as a country have a great reputation internationally - there’s huge demand for our hops and our beer overseas so we can’t wait to see our stuff pouring in New York.”

"It’s long way from Frankton to New York though,” he added, which brought with it some logistical stresses. “Our beer is unpasteurised and best fresh, so we waited till the last possible moment to keg it then we flew it across to the states. We don’t want it spending a second longer than it needs to wait to be poured, we want those guys to have the best possible New Zealand beer.”

“We could only send two types of beer, so one had to be our IPA. It’s our biggest seller in NZ and the most well-known, popular style internationally. The other we wanted to really showcase who we are and be a bit more interesting and unique, so we’re sending Kiwi sour – a green and gold kiwifruit infused Berliner weisse which is a slightly sour style. We reckon that one will get them talking, Kiwi’s love it, so we hope New Yorkers will too."

Over 90 breweries are represented at the festival, and grouped together geographically. We'll be there alongside three Australian breweries representing good beer from this end of the world.

The invitation only list of international breweries represented at the event showcases some of the best brewers on the planet. “Yeah we’re pretty chuffed to see our logo sitting in amongst some of the most well-known and well regarded in the world on the website” Brian admitted.
Brian will be heading along to the festival with fellow Good George founders Darrel and Jason. “It’ll be a blast. We’ll definitely have a beer or two there. Part of it is quality control, but also, it’s a great milestone in the evolution and growth of the businesses to celebrate.”
The Octfest Festival is presented by Pitchfork, the most trusted voice in music and October, a leading beer culture website.


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