Beach Beers and Beach Cleanups

To celebrate the launch of our latest beer, brewed right in time for summer, we’ve dedicated ourselves to be tidy kiwis and give a few of our favourite beaches a bit of TLC. Our beach cleanup project launched in mid October at the same time our Beach Beer Session Pale Ale cans hit the shelves, and provided a refreshing beverage to the end of a long day at Raglan’s beaches.

All 25 brewery, sales, and office staff were involved in the outing to Good George’s closest beachside town, closing down brewery operations for the day for a great cause. Over 1 cubic meter of rubbish was collected from Raglan Harbour before the team headed over to Wainamu Bay to collect 200 tyres from a failed see wall project designed to retain the sand banks. 

We’re on the lookout and open to suggestions regarding beaches in need of the Good George treatment this summer, and have already had a number of local surf clubs and community organizations get in touch. Events Coordinator Gareth Amyes is in charge of giving Beach Beer a few clean beaches to enjoy the brew, and is the man to talk to for anyone that wants to get involved. A recent Facebook post garnered dozens of suggestions for beaches in need of a clean and people as far as the South Island have expressed their interest.
The beer itself is a bright golden session pale ale style brew, with light aromas of NZ hops. It’s designed to taste refreshing and only lightly bitter, prefect for when you’re at the beach or when you want to be…


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