Wine and Cider – Multi tasking at it’s finest

With the growing popularity of rosé in the wine market, (and its popularity with certain staff members), Good George have decided to pursue the dream of having your cake and eating it to. Our latest cider release, Rosé Cider has the best of both worlds with the sweetness of cider and strawberry vanilla notes of a good rosé wine. 

The first batch flew off shelves and out of taps, with all our bars and restaurants selling out by the day after its release, leaving our brewers running to the tanks produce more. Now in full production for the lead up to summer, Rosé Cider has been for those struggling to choose between cider and wine. We like to think of it as making people’s decision easier for them.

You’ll taste strawberry and vanilla and, if you’re concentrating, a little hint of lime. But this is a cider, not an end-of-year exam. If you love drinking it, that’s good enough for us. Rosé Cider 4.5% looks a luminous pinky orange, has aromas of apple and lime, with a sweet refreshing taste of strawberries and vanilla. Your new favourite rosé isn't a wine...


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