Doris Plum Cider Dessert

We’ve found a star chef that has a secret recipe for using our Doris Plum Cider in his special Desserts. Ben Ensor, Head Chef at Smith & McKenzie Steak House incorporates the cider into the dessert in the form of a sorbet.

Included in the glass is Doris Plum jelly and vanilla mascarpone, which is layered before adding white chocolate sand, blueberries, and a neat ball of cider sorbet. Ben tops the dessert with a brittle house-made Speculass biscuit, black berry gel drops, and a hand picked garnish flower from local growers.
The dessert itself is occasionally included in their bespoke menu Chef’s Table, where the meals change from night to night, and allows Ben to flex his creative muscles and explore matches with food, beer, wine, and cider. Follow the link to make your booking.


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