Meet Brut IPA | Bone-Dry & Extra Drinkable

Ever heard of champagne taste on a beer budget? Well now its an actual thing. Our Brut IPA is as close as we could get to the French bubbly stuff without getting a letter from a flashy Parisian lawyer. 

To brew it, we use a special enzyme (let­s call him Kevin) who puts away sugar like a fat kid at Halloween. By the time Kevin’­s finished, the beer is bone-dry, with a flavour so crisp and refreshing you could tip it over a formula one driver and he wouldn’t know the difference.

We've been experimenting with new flavours and hop combinations to push innovation in the craft beer market.  This new style of IPA has all the tastiness with super dry characteristics perfect for your pallet. Brut IPA (5.8%) looks pale and light, and has aromas of citrus, mangoes, and white grape. On the palate it's very dry, fresh, and has a clean finish. Keep an eye out for the new squealer designs on shelves or grab a few from our online store.


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