Good George Going Green

Last week we attended the largest agricultural exhibition in the southern hemisphere, Fieldays. As the official beer supplier for another year we were glad to be back. However unlike previous years, we made a large effort to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills as a result of this massive annual event which sees farmers, suppliers and everyone in between attend from around the world.

To do this we partnered with Globelet, a company who’s mission is to provide solutions for our unneeded single use waste.
With 5,000 reusable cups, we set out to pour 25,000 pints of fresh beer and cider over the four day event, with the intention to clean and reuse ever single one.
Response from the punters was excellent, and feedback from Fieldays was great. Good George was officially recognised as a Sustainable Waste Partner in recognition our commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Moving forward we plan to use these at upcoming events, including a 900 person conference at the end of June. By the end of this year it’s estimated that we’ll save 20,000 plastic cups from landiflls by taking these cups to our upcoming events, so drink up!


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