New Brew: Manuka Honey IPA

Always looking to sweeten things up here at Good George, we’ve taken our classic IPA, a beer that’s been on the lineup since the beginning, and given it a spin.
Manuka Honey IPA went on tap last week, with mixed response towards this small batch experimental brew. The sweet spin on our IPA gave the beer a boost that complimented the light citrus hop aromas normally associated with the original recipe. On the nose were also notes of honey (obviously) and herbal aromas from the Manuka leaf.

But making it took more than pouring honey into the kettle. Once the IPA had been brewed, hopped, conditioned, and filtered, it’s transferred into what’s known as a bright tank. At this stage the brewers added about 20kg of Manuka honey to the 1,000L of IPA. But to get our honeys worth, they also made a Manuka leaf tincture by extracting the Manuka leaf flavour into alcohol which was then also added to the bright beer. 


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