Meet North Wharf Head Chef Brock Sprague

Recently we talked Brock Sprague, Executive Chef of our newest venue, Good George North Wharf to see what makes him tick, and what’s inspired his menu. Brock’s been a chef for 12 years at places like Woodpecker Hill, Longrain Melbourne, and the Blue Breeze Inn. In his spare time he enjoys quality time with friends and family and traveling to explore cultures and their food heritage.

Next time you're in Auckland be sure to stop by and check the place out. 

Q. What’s the most interesting thing on the menu?
A. Definitely the Burrata. It takes Sichuan Chinese style dressing and drenches Italian burrata cheese it to create a match that was never intended.

Q. Everything on the menu sounds outstanding. How would you describe the snapper skewers?
A. Fresh fish chargrilled to impart smokiness, submerged in a sweet and salty warm ginger broth, with a dollop of tangy spring onion chimichurri.

Q. If you had a group of people take a look at the menu, and found it a bit intimidating or got lost what would be your response?
A. Start with a snack each while you choose a drink, the menu is all about sharing and trying different flavours so grab a couple of the Georgy Smalls and a Big George and don’t forget your greens.

Q. How did you come up with the crisps & dip?
A. Growing up in NZ at most family get togethers there has always been kiwi dip on the table. The recipe I have was always at my great uncle’s place who was a crayfish and paua fisherman and always use to mix paua through his kiwi dip.

Q. What do you think is a hidden gem on the menu?
A. Black garlic bread with stracciatella cheese and sesame.

Q. What’s your favourite thing to eat that’s not necessarily on the menu at North Wharf?
A. Ramen.

Q. What’s your favourite element on the charcuterie board?
A. Cranberry pinot sauce because the sourness / tartness not only cuts the rich flavours but also elevates the cheese and meats.

Q. What’s the best dish & beer/cider match?
A. IPA matched with pork and prawn salad. The hops from the IPA go great with the mango and Vietnamese mint in this dish.  Dry apple cider also pairs nicely with the pork belly roll as the cider is used to make the apple jam, it accentuates the dish.

Q. Lastly, what’s you food philosophy in 5 words?
A. Balanced, dimensional, fresh, fun, family


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