Summer Citrus Hazy IPA

If this beer doesn’t scream backyard cricket, or dusting off the old BBQ on a hot day, we don’t know what does. We’ve brewed a beer for those summer days when the sun takes its sweet time to set, and everything’s just a little bit sweeter. We’ve also aptly named it Summer Citrus Hazy IPA.

This is our beer for serious hop heads who aren’t afraid of bitterness. Served hazy with a gorgeous citrus fruit perfume exuding orange peel and mandarins. The texture is silky smooth from the oats used in the mash. The bitterness creeps up on you though and you are left with a lingering smooth aftertaste.

It’s now available at all Good George venues to enjoy on tap or take a squealer home with you. And if you’re out and about, you’ll likely find it at any good bottle store. Summer Citrus Hazy IPA, the cool answer to those warm summer days.


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