Lockdown Day 2

Good afternoon guys. Welcome to your Good George daily dose of distraction. Today is a Friday which means act extra casual… which may be a challenge for those still in Tuesday’s pyjamas.


Traffic Update:
Empty Buses and truck drivers in Hi-Vis vests


Today's working from home discovery:
How many cups of instant coffee is too many before 11am

Today's isolation tip:
To help you figure out how to stay two meters apart, we’ve come up with a list of things that are also two meters for reference:

  • 1.3 Danny DeVitos
  • The average length of a cow
  • One hobbit standing on another hobbit’s shoulders
  • Dwayne Johnson if he had a bit of hair
  • 9 Good George Squealers placed end to end
  • The average sunflower
  • 46 Chicken Nuggets


Today’s Lockdown Project:
Build a fort out of cushions and pillows. Extra points for any forts which also incorporate access to beer fridges while still in line of site of the TV.
Fun fort fact: NZ had heaps of actual forts starting from back in 1885 when we thought a bunch of vodka-fueled Russians were about to invade. None of the forts fired a gun in anger, though in October 1939 a Battery Point gun at Lyttleton accidentally sank the fishing boat "Dolphin" and killed its skipper. No word if vodka was involved.
Find a fort near you... https://bit.ly/2WLI9Sl

Happy Hour Tip for the Day:
Convert your favourite board game, Monopoly into something more interesting:

  • Drink when you land on someone's property, three times if they own all colours
  • Drink when you roll doubles
  • Drink when you land on GO
  • Drink twice when you go to Jail
  • Drink if you're in jail and someone lands on just visiting
  • Everyone drinks (except roller) if you land on free parking
  • Finish drink when you go bankrupt

*The responsible consumption of alcohol is assumed here. It’s only day 2 after all.


Netflix Recommendation of the Day:

Tiger King. The only thing on TV that is crazier than the world outside right now. Starts as an animal rights (squeamish alert) doco then just gets weird. So weird your lockdown bubble will be debating if it’s real or not.


Bad Pun of The Day: see image


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