Lockdown Weekend Update

Good afternoon guys. Welcome to your Good George daily dose of distraction. Today is a Saturday. Last day of the cricket season. Oil your bat and put away all other summery sporty bits.

Traffic Update

Hardly any, can Huntly now tell the difference?

Your Weekend Chores:
  • Sanitize the TV remote in preparation for the new week
  • Stocktake your liquor cabinet and place in order of desperation for the weeks ahead. https://bit.ly/3bAEPO3
  • Have a shower
  • Learn how to play Fortnite and become boss of the PS4

Predictions for April:
  • Grass will go green
  • Leaves will go brown
  • Cardigans will make a triumphant return
  • Home-made painted eggs will dominate Instagram
  • The Warriors will finish the month still within striking distance of the top 8


Today’s Lockdown Project:
Create a home made treadmill in your kitchen
  1. Squirt some dishwash liquid onto the floor in front of the sink/bench.
  2. Take your shoes off and in bare feet step into the liquid grabbing hold of the bench.
  3. Put on the song “Chariots of Fire” or similar work out song
  4. Start running on the spot.

Something to think about:
Japan’s flag could actually be a pie chart for how much of Japan is Japan.

Happy Hour Tip:
Watch one of our favourite movies, Zoolander. Take a drink when:
  • Derek Zoolander does the face
  • There's a celebrity cameo
  • Will Ferrell looks like his dog
  • Somebody says 'Blue Steel'.

Bad Pun of the Day: see image


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