Lockdown Day 6

Good afternoon guys. Welcome to your Good George daily dose of distraction & diversification.


Traffic Update: 

Light, Low carb, reduced fat & sugar free


Fun Fact:

Today is cult actor Christopher Walken’s birthday. He was born Ronald Walken in 1943 and destined for coolness. He changed his name as a teenager and worked as a lion tamer in a circus. He then stared in a bunch of movies including Pulp Fiction & Catch Me If You can.

Great movies sure - but greater than his dance moves in Fat Boy Slim's Weapon of Choice Video? We think not

Everyday annoyances that you’d consider having back right now:

• The Thai takeaway said 15 mins on the phone but actually took 25
• Your Holiday flight to Bali being delayed by 30 mins
• The barista forgot that extra shot
• Justin Marshall’s commentary
• Roadworks on the way to the beach/work/anywhere but home
• The Crusaders beating another kiwi team (Crusaders supporters substitute “Blues” here for another kiwi team you secretly hate to see do well)
• Wayne Barnes refereeing All Blacks games
• Workmates talking loudly about the Bachelorette
• Your workmate who talks on the phone at 100 decibels
• Dave not shouting a round at after work drinks
• Pulling a hammy in the first game of club rugby season
• Your outrageous multi bet only being one result away from making you rich
• Someone tucking in to your lunch in the work fridge
• That ‘expert’ at the gym who offers you advice every 5 seconds
• That fasting workmate who tells you how it changed their life as you eat your lunch
• Taxi drivers taking the long way home from town
Conspiracy Theory #109
COVID-19 was created by Labradors & their canine co-conspirators to keep us humans at home for long enough so “lunch” becomes a dog thing too.

On The Telly Tonight:
Prime TV 7:30pm. The final of the Great Australian Bake Off.
According to the TV guide “after 9 weeks of whisking, kneading, and piping it all comes down to this”.
We haven't been watching earlier episodes but we assume it’s either a cooking show or a docuseries about some people selling meth somewhere in Sydney’s western suburbs.

Today’s Lockdown Project:
Make a paper plane break the world record of 69.14 meters. Extra points for decorations or addition of a Good George logo.
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to withdraw our endorsement of any plane responsible for hitting someone in the eye.

Happy Hour Resource Tip:

Today’s is an excellent day to make an order from our online store and we’ll do our best get it to you in time for those weekend Video Chat Drinks. Today there is an excellent option of a mixed case of Beer & Cider Squealers available which comes with a bottle of Hand Sanitiser while stock lasts.


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Dad Joke Corner:  


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