Lockdown Day 7

Good afternoon guys. Welcome to your Good George daily dose of distraction

Traffic Update: 

Looking like no delays from the bed to the home office, with just a short commute from the couch to the fridge.

Today's home exercise video to get the blood pumping:

Before we had keto, swiss balls and cross fit we had the 80’s home gym staple called the rebounder. If you don’t have one handy you can use your kid’s trampoline or maybe your home office chair during your next online meeting.

Watch in awe: 

Happy April Fools Day:

Widely acclaimed as what really started all the tom-foolery in 1957 the BBC reported on the great Swiss Spaghetti Harvest prompting thousands of British people to phone in requesting cultivation tips. Proof we think that the Poms should stick to warm pints and the Swiss to army knives.

Wordplay Wednesday

If lawyers are disbarred and priests are defrocked, then...

  • Electricians are delighted
  • Corpses are decrypted
  • Cowboys are deranged
  • Models are deposed
  • Underwear models are debriefed
  • Dry cleaners are depressed, decreased and depleted
  • Jilted women are debrided
  • HVAC technicians are deducted
  • Tennis linemen are defaulted
  • Florists are deflowered
  • Students are detested
  • Hostels are debunked
  • Spies are debugged and detailed
  • Corporations are deformed and delimited
  • Celibate people are delayed
  • Chauffeurs are derided
  • Record keepers are described
  • Plumbers are dethroned
  • Clerks are defiled
  • Traffic cops are defined
  • Naturists are denuded
  • Election officials are devoted
  • Accountants are decertified
  • Builders are deconstructed
  • Confused people are demystified
  • Intelligence officials are declassified
  • Interpreters for the deaf are designed
  • Road builders are degraded
  • Waiters are deserved
  • Horses put out to stud are desired
  • Castles are demoted
  • Organ donors are delivered
  • Anything certain is depending

And if you found this funny, you're probably demented, defective and in denial

On TV Tonight:

Hoarders on Bravo at 7:30pm. It’s always fun and reassuring to watch people on the telly who live in a messier house than you do. On a related topic is their adequate support being offered to hoarders in a lock down being unable to add to their hoard? (This includes new shoes, mountain bikes and golf drivers).

Today's Lockdown Project:

Play the Cat Game on a video call. Conduct a video call meeting secretly inserting the word “meow” into conversation without laughing or giving the game away. Here’s meow its played Super Trooper style:

Happy Hour Resource Tip:

The Moustache TV game (can be played as a drinking game or just a time waster with the kids).

  • Attach a fake moustache to your TV
  • Drink when it lines up to someone’s face

We'll just leave this one here:

And Finally:

Our working from home pets. Here’s Charlie either standing guard or posing for a photo


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