Lockdown Day 8

Good afternoon guys. Welcome to your Good George daily dose of distraction. Today we showcase tattoos and mullets. We are based in the Tron after all.

Traffic Update: 
All clear for burnouts

Today’s Social Distancing Theme Song: 
“Don’t Stand so Close to Me” by The Police. 

Did You Know:
The Mullet hairstyle is commonly thought to be invented by the Beastie Boys. Clearly passionate on the subject they wrote a six-page article entitled "Mulling Over The Mullet" offering a selection of alternative names for the cut, including "Hockey Player Haircut" and "Soccer Rocker”.

Find out more here: https://bit.ly/2R387x8

On TV Tonight:
Tattoo Fixers on Bravo at 7:30pm. We all make dumb mistakes but some mistakes are next level. While it is not always nice to make fun of others misfortune or lack of judgement there is something reassuring to know that there stupider people than ourselves out there.

Today’s Lockdown Project:
Give yourself a Lockdown Mullet. Chances are some of you are gonna need one during lockdown so why not make it something special like a mullet. Do it early during Lockdown while you have time to regrow if you have any regrets.

Here’s an instructional video on just how to do it

Happy Hour Resource Tip:
Put on any Muppet movie or episode (cause Muppets kind of sounds like Mullets so we went with it.)

*Note that in the interests of promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol these tips are substituting a form of exercise instead of having drinks. Also If you have kids it’s also not a bad way to wear them out.

3 press ups if:

  • Animal hits a crazy hype drum solo
  • Miss Piggy assaults a fellow Muppet (2x if it's Kermit)
  • Kermit says "Sheesh" or "Yaaaay"
  • There's a Sesame Street cameo
  • You see a Muppet's feet

6 press ups if:

  • You hear the phrase "Pigs in space"
  • Statler & Waldorf tell a terrible joke
  • Someone messes with Gonzo's nose
  • The fourth wall is broken. (Whats the 4th Wall? We didn’t know either but now we know & you can too.) https://bit.ly/3dMlyLI

Fan Photo Of The Day (Mullet Edition Obviously):
Meet our South Island Sales Manager Richard. In the absence of bars to call on he self-inflicted this thing of beauty which apparently is trending in the deep south right now. We are very proud.


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