Lockdown Day 10


1. Organise your spice rack into alphabetical order
2. Create yourself a new signature
3. Dye your hair using all the different dyes in the cupboard
4. Shave your hair off (or consider our recent Mullet advice)
5. Kidnap your neighbour’s cat and video call a ransom demand
6. Start a list of all the take-out meals you’re going to eat after lockdown’s over
7. Send 10 Facebook friend requests to people you went to school with
8. Try and predict the lotto numbers by counting insects on your driveway
9. Learn how to say “I’m F***ing bored” in a new language
10. Create a new cocktail by using every random spirit left in your supplies
11. Name the new cocktail incorporating the name of your boss
12. Make a list of the 5 most over-rated All Blacks ever
13. Write a poem featuring the words bubble, cluster and beer in the title
14. Change your profile pic to one of your favourite vegetables
15. Learn all the words to Celine Dion’s “My Heart will go on”
16. Re-create the scene from the bow of the Titanic from your balcony
17. Search up “How to make your own Hand Sanitizer” on the internet
18. Carve the words “I’m bored” into the ceiling of your wardrobe using a teaspoon
19. Play “the floor is lava” game with cushions on the lounge floor
20. Talk like a Pirate between 4pm and 6pm
21. List your top 5 New Zealand sporting moments ever
22. Dress up and have a dinner party with your cat
23. Give yourself a prison tattoo with a felt tip
24. Facetime your mother and show off your new tattoo
25. Learn how to make pizza bases
26. Make a pizza featuring Spaghetti and post to instagram
27. Check the news
28. Quickly stop checking the news
29. Watch an episode of Flight of the Concords
30. Start a comedy folk band named after an airplane
31. Make an on-line booze order for another bubble who is less computer literate
32. Go window shopping using google street view
33. Fill a Beer Handle with little pancakes, pour in some maple syrup and pretend your drunk at the breakfast table
34. Create mafia style nicknames for everyone in your bubble
35. Learn the art of bonsai and practise on your cat


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