Lockdown Day 13

Good afternoon guys. Welcome to your Good George daily dose of diversion & distraction. Today is a Tuesday which is Monday’s annoying sibling.  


Traffic Update:
Free Flowing… like a horses mane whilst galloping into the wind with triumphant music playing


Boredom Buster:

Today we pay tribute to “One hit Wonders”. 

  • Otara Millionaires Club (OMC) made it big once with the catchy international megahit “How Bizzare”
  • “I’m too sexy” by Right said Fred was thrashed by every radio station and cheesy nightclub DJ in 1991
  • We know it’s not a hit song but no list like this would be complete without paying tribute to New Zealand cricketer Rodney Redmond who played only one test for NZ in 1972 and scored a century and a 50 on debut. He was never chosen again. Tough!

For a fun waste of 30 mins of your life take the tour music’s top 100 one hit wonders here…



Costume ideas for your next supermarket run:
At times like these you owe it to your fellow kiwis to create a visual spectacle of yourself in the aisles to lift spirits. Here’s some costume suggestions:

  • Full Bee Keeper suit
  • 5 Hula Hoops in constant rotation
  • A bridesmaid dress from the 90’s
  • Inflatable Sumo Suit
  • Cheerleader outfit
  • A “Mummy” wrapped in toilet paper (too risky??)
  • Leopard skin Onesie
  • Toga and sandals
  • A kilt fashioned from a swandri
  • Your last outfit from the sevens or darts
  • A zorb ball


Social Hour Tip for the Day:

Here’s a social exercise game to play along while watching the action classic The Matrix.

  • Anyone picks up a phone – 2 sit ups
  • An action scene goes slo-mo – 2 sit ups
  • Someone says “Morpheus” 2 sit ups
  • An agent takes over a new body  1 sit up
  • Anyone defies the laws of physics 3 sit ups


Today’s lockdown Project: 
Make your own music video. For creative inspiration watch

OKGO - Here It Goes Again. 

Following our musical theme of the day this masterpiece was performed by the band dancing on 8 treadmills and filmed in one continuous take. Apparently it took 17 attempts to film it in one go with the idea coming from a dream the lead singer’s sister had about treadmills.  Got a lockdown treadmill or similar device at your place?  Go on, we dare you… 


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