Lockdown Day 15

Good afternoon guys. Welcome to your Good George daily dose of distraction

Today is a THURSDAY but for many purposes it can be treated as a Friday as its Good Friday Eve. A reminder that if pubs were open they would have to shut at midnight tonight… and we used to think that was inconvenient.


Traffic Update:
Pedestrians wandering aimlessly in pyjama trousers and pre-schoolers on scooters.


Random thoughts to ponder to help pass the time

  • Randomly hearing your favourite song on the radio is more satisfying than hearing it on the internet
  • When you say 'Forward' or 'Back', your lips move in those directions.
  • People who are good looking but have terrible personalities are basically real life click baits
  • My dog understand several human words. I don’t understand any dog barks. He may be smarter than me
  • It's sad that having real ingredients in food products is a selling point
  • The Swiss must have been pretty confident in their chances of victory if they included a wine bottle corkscrew on their army knife
  • When drone technology becomes cheap enough, hands-free umbrellas are gonna be the shit
  • A ton of people is literally 12 to 15 people

Online Shopping Infomercial:
Amongst a range of essential items you can now buy on line we found this beauty which caught our eye. It’s the “Wolf Mink-Feel Blanket”, Queen size ony $35 at Briscoes. Who says you cant be both stylish and practical this lockdown season?!

A sneak peek at your teenage kids outlook calendars:

Lockdown Project: 
Give your kid a hair cut. Don’t waste the only chance you might have to inflict a home haircut on your child like might have happened to you. 


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