Lockdown Day 23

Good afternoon guys. Welcome to your Good George daily dose of distraction.

Today is a FRIDAY. It’s also Victoria Beckham’s (aka Posh Spice) 45th birthday.  What do you buy someone like her for a birthday? We’d recommend Doris Plum Cider & a bowl of curly fries but David might have other ideas. Spice up your Friday people.

Weather Update:
Wet & coldish like that cup of tea you forgot about

Your Friday Essential Chores:

  1. Schedule in your social video calls for tonight in strategic order -booziest group of mates last.
  2. Spend 5 hours trying to work out what the difference between level 3 and 4 really means. Give up and have some toast.
  3. Post a picture of you and your mates from your last beach holiday to your local community Facebook page pretending you took it yesterday.
  4. Organise your spice rack in alphabetical order whilst singing “Spice up your life”
  5. Eat a bowl of spaghetti one strand at a time using chopsticks.

Online Scam Warning:
There have been plenty of complaints about elaborate online Hoaxes that people need to be aware of. Here’s a particularly cruel one we heard about:

A women paid $1000 in bitcoin for her teenage children to be kidnapped for the rest of the week– unfortunately is turned out to be a hoax. Stay alert people.

Today’s Lockdown Project:
Create your own signature Cocktail. By now things might be getting a little depleted in the drinks cabinet so it’s time to get inventive and tap into your inner mixologist.  Follow this easy recipe…

  • In a blender place 1 cup of ice. 
  • Add 15 mls of every random alcoholic product you have available (max 4 types). 
  • Add a dash of lime or lemon juice and two cups of pineapple juice or tonic or whatever mixer you have. 
  • Blend, share, enjoy.  

Remember the taste is irrelevant it’s all in the name.  You can generate your own one here:


Our random one came out as Dirty Lady Potion.  Sounds like a good Friday night beverage to us

Something to think about:

Today’s Wikipedia Strange Page:

Paris Syndrome - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_syndrome

This is used to describe the condition some people experience when visiting Paris and the city doesn’t live up to their expectations so they become anxious, get sweaty and feel generally unwell. It sounds bizarre but has been scientifically studied and is a real thing. 

We searched hard but “Hamilton Syndrome” doesn’t feature anywhere so we figure we must be Meeting Expectations which puts us ahead of Paris. Hamilton/Waikato Tourism can borrow that slogan if they like.


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