Lockdown Day 24


  1. Create a wall mural using burnt pieces of toast
  2. Start your own conspiracy theory
  3. Go nude for a day
  4. Invent a new hand sanitiser using vodka and old cheese
  5. Learn how to do the moonwalk
  6. Challenge your bubble mates to a dance-off
  7. Turn your dining room into a corporate box and make lanyards for everyone
  8. Refuse entry to that one bubble mate without a lanyard
  9. Park your car at the front of the drive through at KFC so you can be first at Level 3
  10. Award yourself an honorary doctorate in Gin drinking and start giving on-line lectures.
  11. Solve the murder of Carol Baskin’s first husband
  12. Bury a lockdown time capsule in your backyard
  13. Make cider flavoured ice cream in a bag
  14. Collect snails from your backyard and name them all after US Presidents
  15. Paint numbers on the snails and race them across the dining room table
  16. Organise a treasure hunt using old socks
  17. Make a list of the local businesses you are going to support after lockdown
  18. Carve a potato in the shape of a Donald Trump’s head and do some potato printing
  19. Dress as sumo wrestlers and have a pillow fight.
  20. Watch all the episodes of “Married with Children” from the beginning
  21. Imagine living in lockdown with Al Bundy & the characters of “Married with Children”
  22. Take an on-line Karate lesson and watch the Karate Kid movie whilst adopting the lotus position
  23. Learn a scene from Shakespeare and perform it standing on the dining room table
  24. Tie Dye your pyjamas using permanent markers
  25. Build a see-saw in your lounge
  26. Play Jenga with oven chips and the loser puts all the chips in their mouth at once.
  27. Design a Lockdown T Shirt and send it to Good George
  28. Dress in walk socks and sandals and take an on-line museum tour
  29. Bake a bacon flavoured cake
  30. Knock out a wall to create more flow
  31. Remember although you have seen a few DIY shows in lockdown you are not a builder and you probably should of asked your landlord first
  32. Plot your first Level 3 road trip to somewhere more exciting than your street
  33. Invent the next fidget spinner and make millions
  34. Host a bingo tournament using burger rings to mark your numbers
  35. Make your own beer flavoured soap
  36. Check that your car still starts and regret leaving that banana peel in there 3 weeks ago
  37. Play Michael Buble songs backwards and search for hidden messages
  38. Order some beer or cider on-line and send to someone who deserves it.
  39. Build an indoor obstacle course and film an episode of Lockdown Ninja Warrior
  40. Teach your dog to growl at a picture of Carol Baskin
  41. Build a toothpick sailing ship inside a Squealer or wine bottle
  42. Create a Kenny Rogers shrine in your lounge and charge admission
  43. Make a set of binoculars out of used toilet rolls and take up bird watching
  44. Start your own version of the million dollar homepage and buy everyone beer & gin with the proceeds http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com
  45. Go vegetarian in the morning and keto in the afternoon and blog about your experience
  46. Invent a new tonic flavour to match with your gin
  47. Take up stand-up comedy as a profession making jokes only about snail racing
  48.  Eat a bowl of baked beans for dinner using only chopsticks
  49. Try on your work shoes and see how strange they feel
  50. Head outside and realise it’s not summer anymore


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