Good News

Good News
Wednesday, 30 Aug 2017
Accomplished Tauranga hospitality veterans Mark and Melissa Lawrence are taking their skills to Pyes Pa to open Good Local, a... more
Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016
Good George Brewery is expanding its empire, taking over the Iconic Pink Church in Cambridge. But whether the colour will... more
Thursday, 06 Aug 2015
Poised behind the bar for her photo, SkyCity Hamilton general manager Michelle Baillie confesses she hasn't pulled a pint since... more
Thursday, 09 Jul 2015
Hamilton's Good George Brewery had seen a meteoric rise since it opened three years ago and, with a number of new products, new... more
Tuesday, 09 Jun 2015
Good George's brews will be pouring from the taps at  Fieldays at Mystery Creek when the four-day event gets underway on... more
Thursday, 05 Mar 2015
We think the days of Big brewery contracts that block choice for consumers are numbered. It wasn't just our beers & ciders... more
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