How we make good beer

The good george brewing process

Ever wonder now beer is made?

Take a look at this to find out how we do it… from what ingredients are used to the equipment that makes it happen - here's everything you need to know.

Beer is made from 4 main ingredients that give it it’s GOODness


It all starts with the barley which is soaked to kick off the germination process. This naturally releases enzymes that unlock the GOODness from the grain

After soaking, the barley is heated to dry out – this process is called malting.



Milling cracks the grains and makes it easier for them to absorb the water.

Water is mixed with the crushed, malted barley which extracts sugars from the malt.

This creates wort, a sweet sugary liquid.



Mashing combines the milled grains with water and heats it in a mash tun.

This will add colour, flavour and sugars, which will later be converted into the all-important alcohol.

The longer the mash, the more fermentable sugars are drawn from the grain

Mashing usually takes 1 -2 hours



Lautering is the separation of the wort (the liquid containing the sugar extracted during the mashing) from the grains.

We rinse or “sparge” the malts with hot water to extract all the sugar and colour.

The spent grain is used to feed the local cows in the Waikato, nothing goes to waste around here.



Next up is the boil for 90 minutes. Boiling the malt extracts called wort ensure sterility.

During the boil hops are added - hops are a natural preservative and the GOODness that provides the bitterness, flavours and aroma in beer.

After this process the wort is pumped into a whirlpool where hops and solids are removed, it is then cooled ready for fermentation.

Fermenting and Conditioning

Now we add the magic ingredient…yeast.

Yeast goes to work turning those sugars from the malt into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Soon there is billions of yeast cells working around the clock to make GOOD Beer!

With our hoppy beers like the IPA, after about 10 days more hops can also be added - a process called dry hopping. Hops are added at low temperature post fermentation infusing massive amount of flavour and aromas.

Good beer for your good neighbourhood


GOOD things come to those that wait.

Filtering the beer stabilises the flavour and gives beer its polished shine and brilliance. Not all beer is filtered though.

This process can take up to 3 weeks or more.

Good people drink good beer

Packaging and Drinking

Ready for YOU!

All that GOOD beer then goes into bottles, growlers, squealers and kegs ready for craft beer lovers throughout New Zealand.

One GOOD George deserves another...
Beer tastes best when it’s made fresh. That’s why our beers are made right here, on a daily basis using only the finest ingredients.

Proudly brewed right here in Hamilton, New Zealand