brut ipa

Ever heard of champagne taste on a beer budget? Well now it­s an actual thing. Our Brut IPA is as close as we could get to the French bubbly stuff without getting a letter from a flashy Parisian lawyer. To brew it, we use a special enzyme (let­s call him Kevin) who puts away sugar like a fat kid at Halloween. By the time Kevin’­s finished, the beer is bone-dry, with a flavour so crisp and refreshing you could tip it over a formula one driver and he wouldn’t know the difference.

Brut IPA (5.8%) looks pale and light, and has aromas of citrus, mangoes, and white grape. On the palate it's very dry, fresh, and has a clean finish. Keep an eye out for the new squealer designs and enjoy our latest Extra Dry Brut IPA


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