Convenient, portable, and sessionable, these three brews are made for any occasion that calls for good beer.

Find a six pack of Pale Ale, Lager, or Hoptimistic IPA in supermarkets, liquor stores, and Good George venues around the country.

Be Good, Do Good, Drink Good.


One of our oldest brews has found its way into our new lineup of cans. If you're looking to step up from theusual, look no further. Hiding beneathits pale hue are pockets of citrus & balanced biscuity brilliance. Scared of that bitterness? Take another sip.


We have made a beer that is easy drinking, but still holds a full hop aroma. We used less traditional hops than our pilsner to deliver a more experimental hop aroma that leans more towards citrus and floral smells. A lighter base malt has allowed the hop aroma to dominate.

hoptimistic ipa

We’ve reined in our IPA to make it a bit more friendly and approachable. Much the same as our most popular beer but with more malt sweetness and slightly less bitterness. This is a seriously tasty brew and very well balanced.


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