Rhonda the Roaster

In the corner of the Good George Brewery sits a little roaster that roasts Hamilton’s coffee. We were told that it wasn’t always appropriate to drink beer first thing in the morning, so Dr. Earnest was born. Being an honest bunch we enjoy sharing our fair and earnest coffee with you all. Sourced from fair-trade and organic farms only, we love roasting local and drinking local.

We use the Solar multi-convection shop roaster (aka “Rhonda the Roaster”) to roast our little beans to perfection. The Solar shop roaster is arguably the worlds best, with three heating elements and four different types of thermal treatment, the beans practically get a spa bath of roasted goodness!

Once our scrumptious coffee is superbly roasted, we pop the beans into 250gram and 1kg bags, or perhaps a 4.5kg re-useable container (sustainability is important too!)

Can’t grind the beans at home? No worries, we can grind for your plunger, percolator or pour-over coffee maker, just let us know your preference.

Get your fix of Dr Earnest coffee today by:

  • Popping in to our Good George Dining Hall at 32a Somerset Street, Frankton Hamilton.
  • Calling us on 08 847 3223
  • Buy online

Are you a business or heavy coffee drinker?

Dr. Earnest coffee is available for purchase for the home or business, and at $32 per kg, we think it’s pretty good. In fact, we think it’s so good that we want to support local business by offering a special deal. Purchase our beans and get a 10% credit back to the Good George Dining Hall, so you can shout your regulars (or your mates) a few fresh beers and some fantastic food.*

*Our 10% credit deal applies for a minimum purchase of 4kg per week and can be redeemed monthly.

Thanks for the coffee Boss!


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