Hard to believe only two weeks ago we were having conversations about trivial stuff, what we did in the weekend and catching up with mates. Our business was going great with all sorts of possibilities ahead of us. Sure we had small annoyances we thought were majors but we can’t seem to recall what they were.  

We employ close to 300 people across the bars and restaurants plus a team of dedicated and passionate brewers. Currently with some support from our government we can still employ them all.

Our team - incredible. You kinda hope you have a strong and supportive team, but its only when you go into crisis mode that you’ll truly find out. While we have weaved our way through this modern day war our team has been calm, considerate and in true kiwi style just made stuff happen. Plus a few tears here and there.  GG team culture… awesome.  

Without that make-it-happen culture Operation Helping Hands would not exist.

A week ago we didn’t know a thing about Hand Sanitiser but we learnt fast, and used what we had to create a quality product.

Hand Sanitiser is simple to make, The WHO recipe, available here, is what we have used. We have a still on site so we can make small batches of high octane ethanol which is a key ingredient for the product. So if you know anyone with a still they should be able to make Sanitiser. If they need help just ask.

The fact remains like most businesses in NZ we have been hit extremely hard with 80% of our business ceasing to exist. Will we make it through to the other side? Hell yes. ( bank manager please read )

We are now in the swing of producing our Hand Sanitiser. It is very limited, but we will continue making batches every day as fast as our still will allow. We have given away the first 1100 bottles to our team and partners, at risk families and groups within our community and frontline people in essential services that we all need to be and feel safe. Like the NZ defence force, community fire brigade and even local supermarket checkout operators.

To get your hands on our sanitiser there are 2 options.

1.       No charge through our Be Good Do Good charity which is administered separately to us by the Waterboy and supported by the Perry Foundation. Thanks Perry family you’re awesome. 

2.       One bottle substituted when you buy a squealer case of our beer or cider online. ( bank manager please read ) 

Please note our hand sanitiser is in a large 946ml bottle which you can use to decant into smaller vessels. If you decide to purchase please don’t try and hoard it, we won’t let you..

Be safe, take a moment, find something in your life to be thankful for and just appreciate it.

This is a time for Kiwi resilience to shine, an opportunity to support local community, show compassion, and work together for a brighter future. 

Up yours COVID-19

Brian, Darrel, and Jason


There has been extraordinary demand for this product and we are working our equipment at it’s maximum capacity to produce as much as possible. Please follow our Facebook page for updates on how you can get our hand sanitiser.


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