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It’s hard to beat a tender piece of meat, cooked low and slow over the barbeque. If you are a lover of all things barbeque and want to master the art of smoking (food) to produce some of the richest smokiest meats, then you need to enter this!

Best Photo, as judged by Good George Brewing, wins the Octopit. Plus, there will be 5 Runners-up Prizes of Good George Merchandise, worth $100. Photo must include Good George Brews and/or Merchandise. 

Terms and Conditions

T's & C's can be found at the base of this page. By entering, you are deemed to have accepted our T's & C's. 

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What is an Offset smoker?

An offset smoker is one where the firebox is attached to one side of the smoker. Food smokes in a long horizontal chamber on racks, while charcoal and smoke wood burn in the firebox. The smoke circulates through the chamber for a low and slow cook.

In this reverse flow offset smoker, the need to rotate the meat is less. With the chimney sitting closer to the firebox, the smoke gets pushed into, and then back through, the cooking chamber before being vented. This creates less temperature disparity and allows heat to move around the barbeque more, slowly bathing the meat in even more heat and flavour.
What should you cook? The Octopit is especially good for large pieces of meat, ribs, brisket and pork, but can  be used for any type of meat, including sausages and chicken.

Features of the Octopit

  • Hand made in NZ
  • Unique Octo design makes cleaning easier and utilizes space efficiently
  • Fully braced firebox to prevent heat distortion
  • 100% new precision cut and finished steel
  • Stainless steel stack, intake trays and drain valve
  • Double flanged firebox and cook chamber door
  • Brass bushed hinges with stainless cross pins
  • 2 stainless removable trays each measuring 600x400mm (fits up to 4 trays at once)
  • Pitmaster configurable to either off-set or reverse flow operation
  • 4 castor wheels with front swivel locking function

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