8 x Rosé Cider 946ml each



Call of the search: you’ve found your summer drink. While others are fumbling with corks and serrated caps you’ll be half way through a glass of this beautiful Rosé Cider – and nobody will know what you’re drinking. It’s pink like a blushing nun, and it’s fizzy like a … fizzy … um, nun (sorry, we’re brewers not metaphorers). 

You’ll taste strawberry and vanilla, and if you’re concentrating, a little hint of lime. But this is a cider, not an end-of-year exam. If you love drinking it, that’s good enough for us. 

Rosé Cider 4.5% looks a luminous pinky orange, has aromas of apple and lime, with a sweet refreshing taste of strawberries and vanilla. Your new favourite rosé isn't a wine...

8 x 946mL Squealers

Also available in 330mL cans

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