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This beer is the third of an exclusive limited release series we are calling our Brewers Reserve. A brew so special, even the most reserved of our own brewers are showing great excitement. Just like when Billy Idol said "it's a nice day for a white wedding" this White IPA is a marriage of two distinct beer styles. Think thirst quenching hopped up wit beer with enough IBUs to warrant the IPA name. 

This brew combines, the American IPA and a hazy Belgian Wit beer. The slightly spicy character from the crushed coriander seed and Belgian yeast strain combines with a juicy hop forward aroma of orange and tropical fruits.

Brewers Reserve Next Level White IPA (7.2%) looks hazy and pale gold, and has fruity aromas of coriander, clove, and citrus hops. On the palate, the 60 IBUs leaves it bitter, warming, and full bodied. 

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Order Next Level White IPA on its own:

  • Twin Pack - 2 x Next Level White IPA $34
  • Half Case - 4 x Next Level White IPA $65

Or mix it up in a half case with other brews by getting 2 x White IPAs with:

  • 2 x Many Hands Pale Ale $59
  • 2 x White Ale $59
  • 2 x IPA $62
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